Pest Control Tips for Winter
Protecting your home from pests looking to overwinter in the warmth and comfort of your home during winter here in New England can be a challenge, but here are three ideas to help you manage pest issues:

Proper Storage and Disposal

Ensure that all food items are stored in airtight containers, including pet food. Regularly clean out pantry areas to eliminate crumbs and spills that can attract pests. Dispose of garbage regularly and use bins with tight-fitting lids to prevent pests from accessing food sources.

Seal Entry Points

Rodents and small occasional invaders (ladybeetles, millipedes, spiders, etc.) try to seek shelter indoors during the winter. Inspect your home for any gaps, cracks, or openings in doors, windows, and the foundation. Use weather stripping, caulk, and other sealants to close these entry points. This not only helps in pest control but also improves energy efficiency!

Regular Inspection and Cleaning

Conduct regular inspections of your home, paying attention to basements, attics, and crawl spaces. Remove clutter, as pests often find refuge in undisturbed areas. Regular cleaning helps to eliminate hiding spots for pests and disrupts their breeding and nesting grounds.
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