Looking for an Effective Bed Bug Treatment Service?

In order to avoid a massive infestation in your home, early detection of bed bugs is crucial. Connecticut bed bug removal has become a serious concern for east coast residents lately due to bed bug infestations becoming more common and harder to treat. Although bed bugs are tough to spot, identifying the signs they leave behind is much easier. If you find signs of bed bugs, you’ll want to give Ed Lavery & Sons a call so that we can get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Identifying Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are reddish brown color and about 3-5mm in size. They have flat bodies and are oval in shape, similar to ticks. With six legs and a thirst for blood, bed bugs are adept at staying out of sight. The most common place for bed bugs to be found is where people sleep, including mattresses, couches or sofas. Bed bugs are nocturnal and are typically most active around 5-6 a.m., making them hard to spot. The best thing to do is look for the telltale signs they leave behind.

Bed Bug Removal in Connecticut
Bed Bug Removal in Connecticut

Signs of Bed Bugs

  • Red or brown stains on the sheets- small spots or smears of blood or brown marks on your sheets are a telltale sign of bed bugs
  • Rotten raspberry smell- if you smell something sweet, similar to rotten raspberries, or you smell something similar to almonds, that’s a common sign of a bed bug infestation
  • Eggs in the fabric seams- bed bugs typically find dark crevices to lay their eggs, so if you find eggs in between the cushions or in the fabric seams, chances are they are bed bug eggs

So, You’ve Identified Bed Bugs. What Now?

Now that you have identified the signs of bed bugs, it’s time to call a bed bug exterminator in CT. The unfortunate part of having a bed bug infestation is that home remedies or over the counter products usually aren’t enough to eradicate the problem. Bed bugs don’t mess around and if the problem isn’t dealt with swiftly and completely, they can quickly spread around your home and because they can cling to clothing or bags, they can spread to friends and family.

Fortunately, Ed Lavery & Sons are the leading Connecticut bed bug removal experts. With over 50 years’ experience over three generations, we have the expertise to ensure that when you call us for bed bug removal in CT, we will give you the peace of mind of a bed bug free home. Whether you’re dealing with a localized issue or a full-blown infestation, we’ve got you covered.