Raccoons are notorious for being mischievous pests and a common problem in Connecticut. Typically living in urban areas, they can also adapt to living in the city. When they invade a home, they are constantly in search of food and water. They seek after fallen berries, fruits, nuts and birdseed. If you have pet cats, they are very attracted to cat food, especially if the food is put outside. Like in movie scenes that feature raccoons, they pilfer through trash cans, leaving behind a mess. They tend to shelter themselves in the attic or live underneath the porch. If you have pets, the raccoon may fight them for domain over territory. They are also known for attacking bird feeds. On top of it all, raccoons can damage a lot of your home. That’s why it’s important to get raccoon control in CT.

Raccoon Removal Exterminator Connecticut
Raccoon Removal Exterminator Connecticut

Trapping Raccoons

When confronting raccoons, you can set live raccoon traps. Place a bait to lure the raccoon in the trap and periodically check the trap for the raccoon (should you catch one) not remain inside the cage for an extended period of time. They can be feral creatures and dangerous to handle which is why we recommend raccoon trapping in CT to be done by professionals for your own safety. Also consider using repellents to keep the raccoons off objects and surfaces. Create a barrier by sprinkling granular repellents or use liquid repellents by spraying it on trash cans, bird feeders and other similar objects.

Raccoons are intelligent animals and skilled in performing tasks with their paws. With that in mind, it’s good to be aware that normal fences are ineffective against raccoons since they can climb over them or dig underneath and are sneaky enough creatures to unlatch the fence’s gates. An electric fence will fend off raccoons very well. If this feels like too much of a hassle, then the best option for raccoon removal in CT is Ed Lavery & Sons Pest Control.

Raccoon Damage

The damage done by raccoons are typically up in the attic and enter it by ripping open the shingles. As they nest there, the raccoons not only leave scratches but will urinate and defecate on insulation, creating a health risk in your home. Other signs for raccoons are a torn-up garden and a ruined lawn. If you are noticing obvious signs of raccoons inhabiting your property, Ed Lavery & Sons Pest Control is the ideal choice for Connecticut raccoon removal.

Humane Raccoon Removal in CT

We can find and handle raccoons in a humane manner. We are experts in removing raccoons as well as other pests. For well over fifty years and three generations of Ed Lavery & Sons Pest Control, we have protected Connecticut from various pests. We are here to help prevent and remove raccoons from your home. We do both residential and commercial services. As Connecticut’s Premier Pest Control Company, we uphold that title with trained technicians to take on raccoons or whatever pest and wildlife issues you may have. On top of that, we sustain pest management principles that protect our customers as well as the environment.