When the summer ends, mice look for a warmer place to stay, nest and find food, which makes your home the perfect target. Having mice infestation can be dangerous and dealing with it on your own, can be complicated, to say the least. Here, we’ll go through the signs of a mouse infestation, the dangers and the easiest way to get mice removal in Connecticut.

What are the signs of a Mice Infestation?

If you see a mouse, that’s a pretty big sign, call a Connecticut mice exterminator immediately. Apart from the obvious, there are usually many other signs before you ever see one. Or, if you ever see one. They are nocturnal creatures and very good at hiding.

The most common signs of mice to look for are:

  • Droppings and urine odor
  • Gnawed holes
  • Scampering sounds
  • Track marks
  • Furniture with gnaw marks
  • Sounds of scratching or squeaking
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If you have pets and notice unusual behavior, such as being extremely alert for no apparent reason or trying to reach places like under the appliances, it could mean they can hear or smell a mouse.

Depending on your house and its foundation, it might be harder to notice some of these signs. So, if you have any reason to believe there are mice in your home, contact a Connecticut mice exterminator and ask them to check it out for you, just to be on the safe side.

The Dangers Of Not Getting A Mice Exterminator In CT

If you suspect there’s a mice infestation in your home, it needs to be taken care of ASAP. Generally, rodents live within the walls, in the foundation of the house or building, in between the pipes, electrical wires, conduits and so on.

A mouse can cause massive damage to the water pipes and electrical wires, which can lead to floods or fires. The worst part is, you might not notice the damage until it’s too late.

The biggest issue with mice is sanitary. They go through your dry food and leave residues behind like urine and droppings, which can lead to dangerous diseases. For instance, rodents can transmit Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis and Lassa Fever, to name a few.

Mice infested house, what to do next? – Mouse Exterminator CT

Looking for DIY (Do It Yourself) solutions is probably the first thing that comes to mind, right? But, you might spend a lot of money and not even scratch the surface of the problem.

A mouse exterminator service can analyze what exactly you’re dealing with, which is the first step to successful extermination. This professional assessment is vital to make sure you get rid of the mice.

Once the rodent is identified, the mice removal service can figure out the best plan of action. They can also help you avoid having this issue again in the future.

Getting a Mice Exterminator in CT

When it comes to mice removal, your home, and your well-being must be the priorities. Having a wild mouse inside your house is dangerous. Your best bet is getting a Connecticut mouse removal service to deal with it. Besides, it’s an affordable service and won’t give you the headaches you would get by doing things yourself.

If you’re looking for a mice exterminator in Connecticut, reach out to us. Our mice exterminator technicians will get rid of the mice and ensure your home is pest-free and safe.