The Dangers of DIY Pest Control

The Dangers of DIY Pest Control

The DIY culture has been growing, and many people are testing their skills with at-home remodeling projects, creative décor, and other around-the-home fixes. Many of these DIY projects, however, do not pose the considerable risks associated with DIY pest control.

Personal & Family Health Risks

Many pest control substances contain chemicals to remove pests. If used carelessly, these chemicals can affect not only your health but your family and pets as well. A pest control professional has the knowledge and experience to ensure that the most suitable method of pest removal is used for your situation and that your family will be safe and sound.

Environmental Risks

Did you know that improper use of pesticides can leak chemicals into water supplies? Or that mixing certain pesticides can destroy wildlife and vegetation? Professional pest control technicians are trained and educated on the proper way to use pesticides and how they will affect the surrounding area.

Monetary Risks

Have you tried a DIY pest solution, only to find that the pests keep coming back or didn’t leave at all? Many DIY options only scratch the surface of the pest problem and not the root. If the pests are not fully eradicated, more and more damage may be done to your home and possibly even your family’s health. Let the pest professionals find the root of your pest problem, giving you some peace of mind.

Is Quarterly Pest Control Really Necessary?

Is Quarterly Pest Control Really Necessary?

One thing is for sure, household pests are guests in your home. No matter how clean you keep things at home, bugs hitchhike in on pets, shoes, and even your groceries. Anyone who has seen these uninvited guests scurry across their kitchen floor or a spider drop in front of them while binging their favorite shows knows that living with pests is a problem. One thing that may not cross your mind every day is that not managing pests leads to infestations which can cause property damage, make your home uncomfortable for your family, and in some cases contaminate your home.

The question is, do you really need a professional to manage common pests around your home?

The quickest and most effective method of eliminating unwanted pests doesn’t come from a trip to the hardware store. For lasting pest control, hire a professional to treat your home for unwanted insects or rodents. These professionals are trained to locate and identify, control, and repel different types of pests. A licensed pest control technician knows the safe application of products.

We are passionate about making sure that your family is happy, healthy, and safe from any pest problems. If you have a question or need help give us a call. We can help you understand and solve any pest issues.