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The pitter-patter of little feet in your Connecticut home is cute when it’s a child, but not so much when you hear it in your walls. One potential culprit of these sounds could be house mice. Mice may not seem as big a deal as having rats, but they can be just as problematic.

  • How Do Mice Get In? Why Are Mice In My House? House mice can enter your home through cracks in your foundation and other holes. It can be helpful to remove any debris, limbs, and other objects that mice can use to gain entry into your home.
  • Do Mice Bite? Why Are Mice A Problem? You don’t have to worry as much about bites or stings with mice, although if threatened, they may bite. The real problems with mice are that they can transmit disease, damage food in your cupboards, and leave behind droppings.
  • Can Mice Damage My Home? Mice can also wreak havoc in your home. There are two reasons why mice enter your home: food & shelter. They burrow in nature, and they will do the same in your home. Your insulation, walls, and floors can all become damaged from the prolonged residence of mice.

We are ready to help identify if you have an issue with mice, eliminate any infestations, and ensure that you’re protected from future invaders. Contact us today to learn more about our unique pest control process.

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