Spring in Southern New England is rapidly approaching us. A few days of a spring tease and all the snow melting hopefully means it will be an early spring as well. With spring comes the emergence of two of our most feared insects to homeowners. Subterranean Termites and Carpenter Ants. Although both can be difficult even for professional Pest Control Operators, they can be eliminated from your home.

The main difference between the two for homeowners to recognize is that Termites need wood as a food source and are always looking for new food sources. Carpenter Ants however get no nutritional value from eating wood. They will hollow our wood to expand their nest. Often leaving behind sawdust known as frass.

The winged Ants and Termites normally swarm in the spring. The numbers in a Termite swarm will be significantly larger than those of the Carpenter Ants. Termites will also shed their wings when they hit the ground. If either is seen inside the home it is suggested that you save some samples to be examined by an expert from Ed Lavery & Sons.

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