Homeowners Quick Reference: Termites vs Carpenter Ants

Spring in Southern New England is rapidly approaching us. A few days of a spring tease and all the snow melting hopefully means it will be an early spring as well. With spring comes the emergence of two of our most feared insects to homeowners. Subterranean Termites and Carpenter Ants. Although both can be difficult even for professional Pest Control Operators, they can be eliminated from your home.

The main difference between the two for homeowners to recognize is that Termites need wood as a food source and are always looking for new food sources. Carpenter Ants however get no nutritional value from eating wood. They will hollow our wood to expand their nest. Often leaving behind sawdust known as frass.

The winged Ants and Termites normally swarm in the spring. The numbers in a Termite swarm will be significantly larger than those of the Carpenter Ants. Termites will also shed their wings when they hit the ground. If either is seen inside the home it is suggested that you save some samples to be examined by an expert from Ed Lavery & Sons.

Leaking Roofs and Basements are also sources for Insect Infestation

As we are all hoping that winter here in Connecticut is winding down homeowners should be keeping an eye on the melting of snow on and around their house.

Snow melting and freezing again at night can expose cracks in the foundation as well as cause havocs on rooftops. But if that water makes it way into the house could also be a source for infestation for Carpenter Ants down the road.

Carpenter Ants like a high moisture content in the wood that they like to hollow out to make their nest. So if you notice water damage this spring you might want to not only contact a licensed contractor to seal up and repair any sources of water leaks, but also don’t forget to contact a licensed pest control firm to schedule a inspection for Carpenter Ants as well.

Ed Lavery & Sons Fun Fact: Clear that Snow!

Here in the Northeast we have the unfortunate hassle of dealing with snow. We all know the pain of having to remove the snow from our vehicles and driveways, but how many of us remove the heavy snow build up on our roofs?
Not only is removing this snow important to protect the structure from added weight but what about those ice jams that cause damage to the roof and cause leaking. This brings us to the issue of wood destroying insects like like Termites and Carpenter Ants. That small leaked in the roof lets water in and damages wood. The high moisture content makes the structure more attractive for Termites and Carpenter Ants.
So once the driveway is all cleared take a few more minutes to get the roof rake out and clear that roof. It will help save you much more money in repairs and a Pest Control Service Call in the future!

Ed Lavery & Sons Pest Control Fun Fact

Rodent Exclusion from a structure can be a difficult task to take on for a “Do it Yourself” project. Most people believe closing up all gaps slightly larger than 1/4 inch at ground level will do the trick.

This is where a lot of exclusion work fails. When thinking about rodents and exclusion you must think about the entire structure. Mice will climb siding, chimneys, air conditioner lines leading into the structure.

Please contact Ed Lavery & Sons today to discuss our Rodent Exclusion Service, and start keeping mice out of your home or office today.

Common Rodent Entry

Ed Lavery & Sons Pest Control Fun Fact

One of the most common questions I am asked by clients as well as the general public is, “I hear a mouse in the wall does that mean I have a family living there?”

Thats a hard question to answer but more often than not we find here in Hartford County that if you hear one there is usually more. Not to say there can’t be just one, but the odds are not in your favor.