Residential Pest Control Service Program

Residential Pest Control Services by Ed Lavery & Sons are designed with the homeowners schedule in mind. Following and initial inspection and Service of the interior of the home Ed Lavery & Sons will continue Monthly or Quarterly Service calls on the exterior of the property. Our program calls for the least amount of inconvenience to the homeowner while providing industry leading service and expertise you would expect to help maintain a Pest Free environment.

Exterior applications to help prevent interior infestations. As well as our rodent service program to fit every landscape.

Service Stations on patio

Service Stations along landscape wall

Ed Lavery & Sons can customize each program to blend in with your current landscape.

Contact us today to join the growing number of homeowners who trust Ed Lavery & Sons to keep their homes safe from Rodents and Insects!

Ed Lavery & Sons Pest Control Fun Fact

Rodent Exclusion from a structure can be a difficult task to take on for a “Do it Yourself” project. Most people believe closing up all gaps slightly larger than 1/4 inch at ground level will do the trick.

This is where a lot of exclusion work fails. When thinking about rodents and exclusion you must think about the entire structure. Mice will climb siding, chimneys, air conditioner lines leading into the structure.

Please contact Ed Lavery & Sons today to discuss our Rodent Exclusion Service, and start keeping mice out of your home or office today.

Common Rodent Entry

Ed Lavery & Sons Pest Control Fun Fact

One of the most common questions I am asked by clients as well as the general public is, “I hear a mouse in the wall does that mean I have a family living there?”

Thats a hard question to answer but more often than not we find here in Hartford County that if you hear one there is usually more. Not to say there can’t be just one, but the odds are not in your favor.